Terms And Conditions

Refund Policy

Products sold are not refundable unless evidence to prove that you are billed wrongly or other circumstances to be decided in our sole and absolute discretion.

Warranty Policy

  1. Warranty starts from the date of purchased and installed
  2. Warranty replacement is only offered when the battery's faulty to start the vehicle
  3. Warranty does not include human mistakes (forgotten to switch off the lights, weak charging from alternator, car is not driven for long etc). RM50 will be charged for service and replacement
  4. Warranty is void if the battery is found damaged due to misuse, modification, abuse etc
  5. Warranty of the battery is only applicable to the registered vehicle installed. Transfer or removal of the battery is not allowed which could cause the warranty void. It is advisable to contact our service team to perform installation if any
  6. Walk-in warranty claim is available during operation hours in our business premise. No charge

Warranty Claim Procedure

  1. Contact us for on-site warranty / walk-in warranty claim
  2. Technician will check on the battery and provide a temporary battery for your usage
  3. If the battery is in good condition, the battery will be charge and installed back in your car
  4. If the battery is found faulty, a new battery will be replaced and installed
  5. The installation of the battery is FREE for walk-in, RM50 will be applied for on-site installation
  6. You will be notified by call/whatsapp. Customers must claim the warranty battery within 45 days by walk-in/ on-site installation. Fail to do so will result in termination of remaining warranty